NIS forReporting

Collect, analyze, manage and report on large amounts of data easily and quickly

Reporting Tools

Build reports on the comprehensive data collected within the NIS platform. We support and build reports to suit your needs, and provide you with the tools you need to do it yourself.

Data Driven

Our platform is designed around data. Every action, transaction and event is stored, providing you with a rich source to support your reporting needs.

BI & Big Data

Consolidate your data with other sources. We provide the needed hooks, integration points and data extracts to supply your data warehouse with any data needed.

Customer Centric View

With a client centric focus, your data is presented and accessible in a logical way, allowing you to perform a 360-degree customer overviews.

Partner Access

Give partners access to the platform and its reporting tools, helping them improve and understand their business.

Standard Report Package

A set of standard reports are included with the platform, giving you a solid starting point with reports ranging from Sales Activities, Premium Borderaux, Claims Borderaux to Commission overview and more.


Collinson Group





Insourcing the Vetsure sales and claims administration systems, including full cycle pet insurance product, B2C websites for 5 brands, Vet Portals for vets to view polices and log electronic claims, integrated collections and payments, and data migration from legacy system.


The solution is built on the standard NIS sales and claims platforms with fully responsive B2C and B2B websites developed on NIS web services. The core system holds a full cycle multi-pet product with flexible cover selection, payment via card and direct debit, plus a full suite of documentation and email communication templates. End customers have a secure policy area on the website to view cover levels and download documents. A secure portal allows Vet clinics to upload leads, track the status of existing policies, and log and track electronic claims. A policyholder e-signature solution ensures that claim data is highly accurate before reaching a claims handler. Data migration of client and claim records was completed from legacy systems.

The solution has brought about immediate efficiencies in both sales and claims, with e-claims being processed within a matter of minutes.



American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a leading international insurance organization, serving customers in more than 100 countries and jurisdictions.  AIG companies serve commercial, institutional, and individual customers through one of the most extensive worldwide property-casualty networks of any insurer. AIG’s Danish office offer Travel Insurance, Expat Medical Insurance, Kidnap & ransom Insurance and customised commercial lines property products and services.


Complete replacement of the AIG Nordic (DK, SE, NO, FI) B2B and B2C sales solution using NIS’s web-based product builder, underwriting and rating platform.


A new distribution platform for affinity partners. Installation utilises the complete NIS WebAgent sales solution for quoting and issuing policies (with risk questions and premiums calculated), automatic renewals and detail reporting output, for multiple products.


All policy management tasks that were previously manual are now automated and adding new products now takes days. This has meant a huge increase in efficiency and AIG are now considering rolling out to all offices across EMEA region.



CAASCO was going to begin underwriting their travel insurance business and rolling it out through their pre-existing distribution network. They needed a system that could provide underwriting and product building capabilities with integrated sales channel management. This project also included integrations to third-party payment providers, EDWs, document management systems and pre-existing distribution platforms.


NIS implemented the WebAgent Sales solution which consolidated client management, quote/issue workflows, premium and payment collection, policy fulfilment, and sales reporting onto one cohesive platform and rolled this out across all sales channels, including B2C, call centre and sales agents.



The project had 2 main objectives. Firstly to move ECIS from several old legacy systems on to a single platform covering all business and operational requirements. Secondly, release a new online web portal to enable employers to manage all of their employee benefits in one place.


The ECIS solution uses the standard NIS Policy and Claims administration platforms for a suite of employee benefits products and a customer website developed on the NIS API. NIS Bulk Processes give ECIS users the ability to renew policies, send customer communications, process monthly direct debits, process weekly sick-pay claim payments, and handle seasonal holiday pay transactions, through a queued workflow system. These processes replace hundreds of hours of manual tasks each month. The claims administration system is used for handling claims which are automated to a high degree to reduce user touch points. The Employer Portal website allows designated employer staff members to securely access and edit information about their employees and allows policy holders to notify ECIS about sickness claims for their staff, including the ability to upload supporting documentation to support the claims.



Replacing an old legacy built claims management software and introducing workflow optimization for better claims flow and through-output. The project also included a full migration with active and old claims including all documents and financial transactions.


NIS configured the standard GoTrex Claims solution for all business processes related to document management, payments, workflow handling and adjudication, built integrations to third party platforms and managed the migration of historical claims data onto the GoTrex standard software package.



Willis is a leading global risk advisor, insurance and reinsurance broker with 18,000 staff in 400 offices worldwide


Automated gadget insurance and claims solution


Nordic Insurance Software (NIS) delivered a complete Azure-based solution for integrating store-bought insurance and self-service robot-driven claim handling with a total delivery time of six weeks.

The solution was designed in co-operation with the customer and automatically orchestrates input and actions from consumer, claims staff, the insurer, retail chain and repair partner. The solution is built on the standard NIS platform with a retail-labelled consumer portal running inside the retailer’s website, and with web service integrations entering directly into the repair shop for instant on-line case management.

Willis manages the scheme on behalf of an insurer and a major national retail chain. The scheme has the purpose of increasing consumer loyalty via safety packages sold as part of the mobile subscription service.

Software robotics is scalable and handles communication between parties, financial registrations, case management and decision making within configurable limits.

The robotic engine allows human interaction anywhere in the process flows and is able to resume full automation after both planned and unplanned intervention.

Nordic Insurance Software has based the solution on the Microsoft SQL server and SSRS with an open API created on the .Net platform. The open structure makes it possible to create and deliver information to relevant parties with the desired information detail level.


Because so many participants are involved in the processes, it has been an advantage to use the Azure platform as a focal point for everyone’s efforts. The platform has also been an important factor in achieving a delivery time of six weeks from project definition to live delivery.

The solution ensures consistency and punctuality for the consumer, resulting in a high quality service experience. At the same time, the major part of manual repetitive work has been automated, leading to labour savings and oversight reduction.



Zurich was searching for an all-encompassing, end-to-end B2B & B2C cloud (SaaS) solution for Zurich Global’s Travel Insurance offering. The solution should be quick to implement, flexible enough to allow for easy expansion into additional markets, robust enough to support considerable sales and claims volumes and have the ability to add a range of new products rapidly.


NIS standard tools were used for both policy administration and claims/assistance across multiple global and local distribution channels, used by both internal and external entities. NIS Webservices technology was used to create all public fronting web environments.