NIS Rating


NIS for Rating


Build products and publish changes in a matter of minutes with our intuitive Product Designer. This tool is highly flexible and allows you to build and manage a broad range of insurance products to satisfy your entire portfolio requirements. Beyond travel, health and expatriate, the Product Designer has been used by our customers for life, dental, pet, SME, employee benefits, income protection, gadget, and many other lines of insurance, with many more to come as the insurance industry evolves to cover the new risks in our ever-changing world.

Rapid Prototyping

With our product platform, you are able to create multiple iterations over product concepts until you hit the mark. Validate concepts isolated.

From Prototype to Production in Minutes

Once you have validated a product prototype, you can publish your product to UAT and Production environments as quickly as your users can test and validate product content.

Version Controlled

Keep track of changes and updates with version control. Any changes to products or subsequent configuration is version controlled, allowing you to roll back or review if needed.


Tailored products are in high demand by consumers. Therefore, we enable your clients to trigger on-the-fly coverage when needed, be it through our call-center focused application or through consumer focused web or mobile apps.

External Lookup

Call external sources for product related data. We have the tools for looking up statistical data or calling external rating properties to adjust your risk on the fly.

Build with Claims in Mind

All policy related information is stored in a local hierarchal structure, which contains all the information needed for claims and assistance handling.