Nordic Insurance Software (NIS) is looking for highly skilled developers to join the main development teams with around 20 passionate developers, as full-time employment on-site at the main NIS office in Østerbro, Copenhagen.


NIS is a global software house, developing software for the insurance industry. The software is based on a standard core API, and we offer a wide range of standard applications for insurance and assistance companies, with installations in more than 40 countries across the globe. We are determined to be the market-leading and standard software for the insurance industry.


Are you passionate about developing front end to scalable back office solutions, with a high level of complexity and UX challenges? Do you want to be involved in making the decisions on how the platform should work, and which technologies that should be used?

In the role as a senior front end developer, you will be a part of the team in charge of how our applications look, and will make the decisions on how the user experience should be. You will be a part of the architect group, and will face challenges such as designing and implementing new functionality, new technology, integrations, bug fixing, optimization, maintenance and being part of the team making the decisions on how and where the software should go.

You need to have bright mind with imaginative, creative and robust solutions. You should be a capable technologist who always seeks challenges in new code, solutions and new technology.


  • Be a part of the team on the main, core single-page application, with built-in react, a .NET backend, and using GraphQL as the layer between
  • Be part of solution architecture group, that will define the best possible solutions for the needs of business
  • Analyze, improve and optimize upon on current systems, and be responsible for choosing the optimal solutions going forward
  • Create testable front end and unit tests for the front end


The office in Copenhagen features many nations, but the office language is Danish. You will need to understand and speak Danish. We all also speak English, as we have customers and offices around the world.


  • Fluent in English and Danish
  • Having a flair for UX
  • 5+ years of experience with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and front end development in general
  • Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Rider or similar IDE experience
  • Git version control
  • Single Page Application architectures
  • React and/or similar JavaScript libraries


  • Test automation (BDD, TDD, Unit)
  • VSTS / Microsoft DevOps
  • Advanced understanding of software design patterns and methodology
  • Experience in a range of front-end technologies
    • Apollo
    • MobX
    • Etc.

Current technology stack

The current stack of the NIS software are based on, but not limited to:

  • .NET C# (7.0)
  • .NET Core (2.0)
  • TypeScript
  •  JavaScript and misc. libraries, such as
    • React
    • Apollo
    • MobX
  • Microsoft SQL (2014/2016/2017, aiming for minimum 2016)
  • Elastic Search
  • Redis


We will give you the opportunity to work with highly skilled and passionate developers, in a casual and fun, yet still professional, and international work environment. NIS has a very flat structure, and we believe that developers work best when they are being challenged, and working in teams. All suggestions are welcome, and your influence is a part of the solution. We are flexible in working hours, and believe in freedom under responsibility, but also expect that you take responsibility both in quality and deliveries, and help to achieve our deadlines and goals.


  • You will get the chance to work with the latest technologies and with Azure Cloud
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Casual and fun, yet still professional, and international work environment
  • Competitive salary with benefits, and great company culture

Interested? Drop a mail to our CTO, Dan Thrue, at