You will be responsible for the service portion of the NIS organization.


  • Sales, operations, and service responsibilities for NIS’s existing and future customers
  • Adding value for customers, so their relationship with NIS becomes stronger
  • Project responsibility
  • Process responsibility
  • Personnel responsibility for the Consultancy, Project Management and Relationship Management departments, to be driven through the team leaders for each department
  • Ensuring efficiency and profitability, as well as KPI reporting
  • Resource allocation in cooperation with the CTO
  • Staff and organization development in the service portion of the NIS organization, including ensuring internal knowledge-sharing, recruitment, and on-boarding
  • Customer communication: newsletters, customer portal, customer events, customer training center, etc.
  • Being the driving force in the development of the structure for our new SaaS customer segment
  • Building a global service organization including collaborating and leading implementation teams in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom

You will work closely with our CTO and our Innovations Team. You will refer to the CEO.


  • You are driven and are easily able to get the overview of any given situation.
  • You are able to create, promote and live by a company/team culture.
  • You are easily able to sell to and connect with people.
  • You have a sense of humor, empathy and you are able to read and bond with others.
  • You have high expectations for yourself and your coworkers.
  • You can work with decentralized teams. You can establish and motivate work communities.
  • You motivate, engage, and communicate. Most importantly, you ensure that all work is completed so a given goal can be achieved.
  • You are able to handle conflict and are not afraid to address conflicts before they escalate – both internally and externally.
  • You have a flair for strategy and market knowledge.
  • You are able to travel to meet our global customers.
  • You are on at the forefront, specifically of planning, communication, etc.
  • You are able to work on many different tasks at the same time, while still ensuring that everyone reaches the goal.
  • You have integrity.

You will get great degrees of freedom and influence. You will have many opportunities for development within the organization.


We are an IT and service company with around 45 employees located in Denmark and 15 abroad. We deliver end-to-end solutions to travel, expat and health insurance companies globally.

Our standard solutions are based on Microsoft technologies. We are a Microsoft certified ISV partner and a part of Acturis Group Limited, which is based in London.

We work in a relaxed yet extremely ambitious atmosphere, where you will meet competent and engaged colleagues. At NIS, you will have the possibility to further develop yourself, both professionally and personally.

Your application and CV can be sent to our CTO, Mia Erlund, at If you have any questions about the position, you are welcome to contact our CEO, Søren Bøgen Andersen, at +45 42 34 12 99 or Mia Erlund at +45 31 55 47 95.