Careers at NIS


Welcome to NIS, a global provider of advanced software solutions to the insurance industry. For more than 20 years, we have built the core applications that the travel & assistance, expatriate and health insurance sectors use to create their products, sell policies, settle claims, and bill their customers.

We offer a range of solutions for companies of all sizes, from brand new start-ups to large well-established corporations of whom some need only a single component and others may need a full end-to-end solution. We do this by developing scalable software solutions for the industry, which at the same time are highly adaptive for individual companies.

What drives us is an irresistible urge and drive to develop and deliver the best solutions available. We serve only one industry and our focus is fixed on enabling insurers to adapt to a changing market and succeed in their specific business goals.

What we offer

At NIS, we are not only offering a position in which you will be able to put your qualifications at work. We offer you an inspiring, open and pleasant working environment with good conditions and a friendly atmosphere in a team of passionate people with diverse personalities and all kinds of humour.

We love to work together, both with each other and with our clients. We respect individual expertise while at the same time highly valuing the synergies and results that appear when good teamwork is at play.

Take a look at the positions available below. If we do not have an immediate opening, we are still interested in hearing from you, if you believe that you have something to offer us.


DevOps Infrastructure Engineer

Har du profilen til at sikre, at driften af vores IT fungerer og optimeres i det daglige? Hvis du kender vigtigheden af velfungerende og automatiserede IT-systemer og har det bedst, når det spiller 100%, så er NIS måske stedet for dig. Vi tilbyder et udfordrende job i en afslappet men ambitiøs atmosfære, hvor du vil få både kompetente og kreative kollegaer.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Send us your resume/CV anyway – we’re always looking for top talent like you!