An Innovative New Portal for Employee Benefits Services –  a Web Portal that allows employers to securely manage employee benefits in one place. 

ECIS, the employee benefits provider for the construction industry, has launched CANOPY – a new secure multi-channel web portal that enables employers to manage all of their employee benefits in one place. The new portal is based on NIS’ flexible and powerful back-office solution for health, travel, assistance and pet insurance. A custom-built front-end has been designed in collaboration with existing policyholders to ensure ease of use and convenient access to employee records.

Canopy enables employers to administer benefits for contractors and employees, and easily access policy information including all active policies and account history. Packaged Benefit Scheme customers, including members of various industry schemes, are able to submit sick pay claims and evidence at the click of a button. Policy holders can also manage their covers – via mobile and web devices – and confirm renewals for employees and dependants online.

Phil Scarrett, Sales and Marketing Director at ECIS said: “The employee benefits cover we provide to construction industry workers applies to both office based and on site workers, so keeping track of accident and sickness benefits, employee changes as well as ensuring relevant employees are kept informed of their entitlements can be challenging for these firms. Canopy has been created as a multi-channel ‘self-serve’ tool to help companies manage their employee benefits programmes in a much more timely and controlled manner. Rather than instruct ECIS to make changes to their policy or to notify us of a sick pay claim, this can all be done online through Canopy, at their convenience.

“When initiating the project we looked at many different possible platforms but the Acturis NIS solution was the only one we identified that could address the complexity of the solution.”

Theo Duchen, Co-CEO of Acturis adds “the project was based on our leading NIS technology for health, travel and assistance markets. The technology proved its worth and the project went live on time and to budget with a demanding timeline underlining the versatility of the platform”.