Leading Veterinary buying group and pet insurer, Vetsure, recently launched its new SaaS NIS-powered technology platform.This project involved a seamless migration off its previous platform and the creation of a suite of market leading products and portals for the pet insurance industry…

The new platform means practices will be able to tailor policies to suit the individual needs of their customers, including multi-pet cover, and also provides the flexibility to manage their own promotional activity. Real time access to the system also allows for better management of pet insurance sales.  The project was completed in partnership with NIS, a leading SaaS provider to the insurance industry.

Ashley Gray, managing director of Vetsure said: “After a six-month project we are delighted to launch Vetsure on the Acturis SaaS platform. The sophistication of the platform has enabled us to achieve a number of firsts in the market such as provision for customer tailoring of cover benefits including variable excess and pick and choose policy features, free cover periods and vet

Theo Duchen, co-chief executive of Acturis added: “The project, which we completed with the Vetsure team and in conjunction with our NIS colleagues in Denmark, made great use of our track record in the travel, health and assistance software market where we have a leading global position. We have been able to apply our experience in those areas to pet insurance here in the UK, which we feel can be transformed with better use of technology. Vetsure’s new cloud-based platform is now a leading edge platform, which has already made a significant difference to the Vetsure business.”